Australis triage (FYI)

Justin Dolske dolske at
Sat Jun 22 23:09:51 UTC 2013

I just completed triaging most of the open Australis bugs to give them a 
ranking of 1-5 based on a blend of priority and severity. The final 
count was P1=27, P2=25, P3=27, P4=26, P5=27. (I swear I wasn't gaming 
it!) There are also another ~45 bugs that are either awaiting needinfo, 
a subbug blocking some other australis bug, meta bugs, etc.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for your bugmail folders.

Triaged bugs are now tagged with [Australis:P1] - [Australis:P5] in the 
whiteboard. Untriaged bugs just have nothing (ie, not "Australis:P?"). 
Here's a handy bug list if you're curious:[Australis%3AP 
(also, for all 
Australis bugs)

I used the following rough criteria, but feel free to adjust particular 
bugs if I've over- or under-estimated their ranking.

1 - Blocker, must-fix before shipping. If this was the last bug left, 
would we hold up for it?
2 - Major impact,  considering severity × probability. Not a blocker by 
itself, but barely  so. It's a bad bug and we should feel bad for 
shipping it.
3 - The Average Bug.  definitely a problem, but doesn't really stop 
someone from using the browser. But still noticeable enough that an 
average user would complain about it.
4 - Minor or polish bugs that are real issues (especially in aggegrate), 
and even annoying,
5 - Low-impact. something we'd fix, but mostly only bothers the 
discerning user. Little impact on usability.


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