Plugin doorhanger progress and review/landing plan

Benjamin Smedberg benjamin at
Mon Jun 17 21:06:09 UTC 2013

On 6/7/2013 1:25 PM, Benjamin Smedberg wrote:
> We're getting closer to the end of the Firefox 24 cycle (24-June is 
> the branch date), and I'm trying very hard to get the new plugin 
> doorhanger UI completed and landed. This is tracked by bug 880735.
Followup on this. All of the functional patches necessary for this are 
now up in various bugs:

* Bug 882858 - reviewed, I'll land tomorrow morning
* Bug 883420 - new nsIPermissionManager API, r?jdm sr?mounir
* Bug 880735 - patch series r?jaws and jschoenick

These patch do not include changes to the functional tests, which I hope 
to finish soon.

I have pushed a full try run on the functional changes, partly for early 
UX testing and feedback, and partly to get some QA on android to make 
sure that I haven't broken their CtP UI, which remains significantly 

Finally I still don't have any feedback on the visuals. When I finish 
the tests, I will plan on making something basic myself so that there is 
at least something we can land and iterate on.


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