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Gavin Sharp gavin at
Wed Jun 12 22:25:44 UTC 2013

As mentioned in a previous Firefox development meeting, I'd like for us to
have a special-edition Firefox bug triage focused on performance bugs. The
Firefox team is having a work week at the end of June and our focus will be
on performance in general: identifying performance issues, fixing them, and
discussing any tools/techniques/tricks for making Firefox fast.

So let's triage!

I've added a new bug list to the triage etherpad:

It includes bugs in the Firefox and Toolkit products with the "perf" or
"main-thread-io" keywords, or that are tagged with [Snappy] in the

The list is split into groups of 20 bugs, to be split up amongst triagers
(anyone who feels comfortable following the guidelines should feel free to
put their name next to a set of bugs!).

The normal triage guidelines (listed on the etherpad) still apply: make
sure the bug is still valid, dupe it if necessary, etc. In addition to
those, I'd like to ask specifically that you keep an eye out for bugs that
you think could reasonably be fixed by groups of 1-3 people working
together during the work week (1-3 days), and make note of those in the
etherpad as well.

I'd like for us to have gone through the entire list by the end of next
week before the work week, so please sign up now and help out!

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