Plugin doorhanger progress and review/landing plan

Benjamin Smedberg benjamin at
Fri Jun 7 17:25:21 UTC 2013

We're getting closer to the end of the Firefox 24 cycle (24-June is the 
branch date), and I'm trying very hard to get the new plugin doorhanger 
UI completed and landed. This is tracked by bug 880735. This turns out 
to have been a much more complicated process than I thought it would be, 
partly because it required some significant backend work. Given that 
there is not a huge amount of time left, I wanted to let potential 
reviewers and designers know what's left and when I expect things to arrive:

* Permission manager changes, bugs 874196 and 874197 landed today. 
Thanks to jdm and mounir for the reviews!
* Bug 875454 has reviews, but I discovered during review that there was 
a significant issue with blocklisted plugins that was not handled.
* This eventually led to refactoring nsIPluginTag.blocklisted, which is 
now up for review from jschoenick (backend) and unfocused (permission 
manager and extension manager changes, including tests refactoring). Do 
you guys think you'll be able to complete these reviews early next week 
so I can unstack the patches?
* The doorhanger UI changes are stacked on top of these other patches. I 
have about two days of work left to hook up the remaining pieces of UI. But
** I have not done any styling or icons.
** I need to fix some automated tests, which may require a few days 
additional work. The tests are pretty fragile.
* The actual click-to-play binding will need to be revised so that it 
activates the doorhanger. This is trivial except for styling.

Shorlander, how do you want to handle styling and icons? I'm happy to 
work from mockups, or just hand you a git branch and let you or somebody 
else from your team hack on the styling. I can also send you screenshots 
of what I have, if that would be helpful. I'd like to get the styling 
"good enough to land by default" even if we proceed with minor styling 
fixes in the Aurora cycle.

I believe that I can proceed with reviews even while styling details and 
the tests are being fixed. Jared, are you the correct reviewer for the 
doorhanger work, and/or are you hoping to delegate part or all of that 
review to David Keeler? Are you going to be available for reviews next week?


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