Downloads API, fourth update

Paolo Amadini paolo.02.prg at
Tue Jul 30 16:39:04 UTC 2013

The consumer interface for the Downloads API is almost ready!

It will probably be a matter of days before we land the last two bugs
that add new methods and properties to the API (bugs 836437 and 852482).

At this point, we'll update the documentation and communicate the
availability of the new API more widely, so that add-ons and Mozilla
products other that Firefox for Desktop can start looking into
updating their code to use the new API instead of nsIDownloadManager.

With regard to Firefox for Desktop, there is already a patch for
switching the Downloads Panel to use the new API as the back-end
(bug 899107). Since the panel already has its separate data layer,
the patch is quite simple, and allows switching between back-ends
using a preference. This will allow us to compare the two back-ends
side-by-side and easily identify any regressions. This patch will
probably land next week.


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