find bar location and UX/Product oversight/review

Mike Connor mconnor at
Mon Jul 29 15:02:31 UTC 2013

So… this was a pretty major change after nine years of the previous behaviour, and I couldn't see any sort of input from UX or Product on the bug (or at least duplication of their rationale, if it was discussed in a meeting or some such), or a related thread where it's articulated what we're looking to achieve with this change.  It really looks on the surface like it was just a developer deciding something should change, and landing a patch, though from digging into followup bugs it looks like this was discussed… somewhere.  We used to have a formal requirement to obtain ui-review to land patches like this, as a checkpoint to make sure we're being appropriately user-focused, is that no longer an expected step for things like this?  If nothing else, I think we shouldn't have landed this without solving the jank issues.

To be clear, I'm pretty ambivalent about the change if we fix the jank it added (and it sounds like Markus has a really solid fix coming [1]), my concern is about how we make major user-facing changes in a way that is transparent and open to constructive discussion.  A big part of how openness helps us is that we get a lot of focus and attention on how to get the best outcomes, even when it's difficult to hear some of the negative feedback.  If we do it up front, I think we'll get even better results with less friction, and that blunts the majority of the backlash when we make big changes.

-- Mike


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