Australis weekly update

Justin Dolske dolske at
Tue Jul 23 18:10:14 UTC 2013

Focus continues to be on bug 889758 (tpaint)...

Making progress in bug 894099, optimizing 
nsWindow::ClientMarginHitTestPoint() which mstange found in profiling. 
This improves about half of the regression on the worst platform (XP). 
For comparison: tpaint on Nightly (Windows XP, opt) is 140ms, UX Nightly 
is 159ms, and UX-with-patch is 148ms. (We've previously been burned by 
numbers changing between Try runs and landing, but so far it's looking 

A number of other small improvements continue to be investigated.

Meanwhile the rest of the team has been working on the pile of general 
Australis bugs... Over the last week, the P1 bug count went from 20 to 
14, P2s from 26 to 23, and P3s from 39 to 37.

Also, the team is starting daily standups regarding the work on the perf 


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