Firefox Developer channel

Anton Kovalyov anton at
Fri Jul 19 20:21:19 UTC 2013

Fitzgen, Gavin and myself chatted briefly today about bug 895030 [1] and my proposal to make Nightly use separate profile directory. So far I see two use cases for Nightly/Aurora builds:

1. Users employing different Firefox channels to test Firefox itself. These people need ability to re-use the same profile across different channels.

2. Web and Firefox OS developers using Firefox both as their main browser and a tool for web development. These people need both stability of stable channels as well as ability to run latest tools.

First group is covered relatively well today while the second group isn't. Tools like install-all-firefox [2] give us insight that ability to run multiple channels is a real issue. So here I'm proposing adding another release channel, Firefox Developer, and put it somewhere in between Aurora and Nightly. The channel would update every week or so and use its own Profile directory.

With this approach we won't mess with the first group users and give the second group ability to have it all: both stable browser for day-to-day use and latest and greatest tools for web and Firefox OS developers.




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