Australis Weekly Update

Justin Dolske dolske at
Tue Jul 16 18:03:40 UTC 2013

We currently have 3 landing blockers. This update will be a bit longer 
than normal, because I just wanted to provide a bit more detail on 
things this time around.

* bug 889758 (tpaint regression)
* bug 880611 (ts_paint regression)

We retitled these two bugs for clarity, and because they actually 
overlap. Briefly, ts_paint measures how long it takes for the browser to 
start and launch its first window, whereas tpaint only measures opening 
a new window (once the browser is already running). Improvements to 
tpaint should also improve ts_paint, whereas the reverse is not always true.

Current focus is on tpaint. We've made some improvements, but progress 
continues to be slow. Main areas we're looking at include:
   - Use of chromemargin (for tabs-in-titlebar) on XP. Looking like a 
platform issue, bug 894099
   - Something in the the various patches for bug 770135, jared is 
working on narrowing this down further.
   - We have a collection of other small items identified from profiling.

* bug 819963 (mochitest-bc needs to be split)

This is new, but has a simple workaround. The mochitest-bc test suite 
has a defined 120-minute runtime limit, which mozilla-central is already 
close to exceeding. New tests on UX manage to push it over the 
threshold. The long-term fix is to split these tests up (as we already 
do with mochitest-1 thru mochitest-5), but in the short-term we can 
increase the 120 minute timeout. (Note that this bug was filed 6 months 
ago against mozilla-central, taking 90 minutes for a run.)


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