Weekly Australis Update

Justin Dolske dolske at mozilla.com
Tue Jul 9 18:09:47 UTC 2013

We currently  have 4 landing-blockers:

  - 885015 (Addon SDK test failure) -- Fixed in Github, but having some 
difficulty merging to m-c.
  - 880611 (tspaint_places_generated_med/max) -- Some progress, but slow 
  - 880620 (10.6 tresize regression) -- Fixed. mstange has patches in 
progress, and other fixes have already landed making this a significant 
improvement from m-c.
  - 889758 (tpaint/ts_paint) -- New. :( Previously missed because UX 
branch wasn't running it, now verifying that there are no other lurking 
issues. Have a suspected cause.

880611 continues to look like the long-pole for landing, the others are 
looking more promising.

I don't expect to be landing this week. We'll see how things look next 
week. If these blockers continue to prevent us from landing, the "land 
in 25 but ship in 26" plan may become "land in 26 but ship in 27". Note 
that the rest of the team is continuing to work on other Australis bugs 
in the interim.


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