Australis schedule and l10n (localization)

Francesco Lodolo [:flod] flod at
Tue Jul 2 18:25:26 UTC 2013

Il 02/07/13 20:17, Justin Dolske ha scritto:
> No, I really meant after uplift, so that there are no actual changes 
> on mozilla-central. (Backing out on m-c would mean also having to 
> reland it, which sounds like extra work.) But the backout would 
> presumably happen as part of the actual uplift process (or immediately 
> afterwards), so that its lifetime on Aurora would be a matter of 
> minutes or hours. This isn't something that should linger on Aurora 
> for days.
Yes, this makes definitely sense now.
> That sounds quite reasonable. It saves L10N work, and having the old 
> strings linger for a bit longer should be no issue.
> Would you like to write the patch to reland them? :-)
Sure, will open a new bug and ask for your review.


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