Making new code be electrolysis-compatible

Bill McCloskey wmccloskey at
Tue Dec 10 02:42:35 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

We're making a lot of progress converting Firefox frontend code to be compatible with multiple processes. One thing that would really help the process along is to agree that new code should be written from the start with electrolysis in mind. That means that anything that touches content data (the DOM, the docshell, or the content inner/outer windows) needs to do so via a content script [1].

People are doing this already; it's really nice to see more and more stuff going in browser/base/content/content.js. (Perhaps we can declare the electrolysis project as officially done when content.js gets as big as browser.js :-) I only bring it up because, a few weeks ago, MattN asked me how serious we are about not landing stuff that breaks e10s. I talked to Gavin today, and he thinks we should be serious about it. So if you're writing or reviewing code that looks problematic, please fix it/ask for changes. If you have any questions, please ask someone in #e10s. Also, it's usually pretty easy to test by running with browser.tabs.remote = true.



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