"Australis" now required in commit message for most front-end changes

Jared Wein jaws at mozilla.com
Thu Dec 5 18:52:26 UTC 2013

As part of our non-Australis front-end code freeze, any code changes in the Firefox front-end that are Australis-specific will need to have "Australis" in the commit message.

This is important as it makes the lives of the people maintaining the Holly backout branch much easier. Changesets containing "Australis" in the commit message will be backed out upon merging to Holly.

An HG hook will be added that will reject any commits that are missing "Australis" in the commit message if files within /browser/themes or /browser/components/customizableui/ are touched[1].

If you have some code that will touch front-end Firefox that is not Australis specific, please talk to one of the Holly maintainers (:jaws, :mconley, :gijs) on #fx-team first. If possible, it is better to delay these types of landings thus reducing future Holly merge conflicts.



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