Browser Debugger becomes the Browser Toolbox

J. Ryan Stinnett jryans at
Mon Dec 2 22:19:50 UTC 2013

Bug 912057 has just landed in m-c, which converts the Browser Debugger into
a full Browser Toolbox, which means it now includes all the other developer
tools (in addition to the debugger) that you have today with web content,
but aimed at the browser window itself.

It's really handy to be able to inspect and edit CSS for the browser
window, use the style editor for appearance tweaks, etc. Hopefully this
change will be helpful to both browser and add-on developers.

Just like the Browser Debugger before it, you can open the Browser Toolbox
via Tools -> Web Developer -> Browser Toolbox, though you'll need to enable
chrome and remote debugging first if you haven't before: Open the Dev Tools
on a regular page, click the gear icon, and check the two "Enable..."
checkboxes under Advanced Settings.

If you've been using the "jsdebugger" option when running Firefox directly
or via mach, the debugger will now show up inside the toolbox, but you
should still see the same functionality as before.

There are a few known issues at the moment:

* Can't select different browser windows (bug 928018)
* Some content (like the Dev Tools themselves) doesn't currently show up in
the inspector (bug 945450)

File bugs if you find others. I hope this improves your Firefox development

- Ryan
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