Firebug shortcuts conflict with build-in DevTools' ones

Sebastian Zartner sebastianzartner at
Mon Dec 2 23:36:27 UTC 2013

The Firebug users are currently experiencing some shortcut conflicts
related to the built-in DevTools. Namely this is the inspector shortcut
We (the Firebug Working Group) are trying to fix this[1] by disabling the
shortcut. Because it's lazy loaded we can't access it immediately.
To have a general solution for such conflicts we're using a Mutation
Observer checking for child nodes to be added to the window. Whenever it
finds a key being added, it will disable it if it conflicts with a key used
by Firebug.
Though somebody from our team is now scrupling whether that's the right way
to go and fearing performance problems.
So I wanted to ask if someone can verify the current approach or suggest a
better solution.


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