Click to play, the next big problem for many smaller companies

Matt Brubeck mbrubeck at
Thu Aug 29 20:09:34 UTC 2013

On 8/27/2013 2:43 PM, Richard Bateman wrote:
> Note that in order to provide a fast user experience we instantiate 
> our plugin essentially hidden and show it when it's needed.  Thus the 
> black box with no click to play UI in it.  This could be *helped* if 
> click to play would detect that the plugin moved and put the UI back 
> in, but some of our functionality (the gradebook transfer) is used 
> while the plugin is invisible, and this would still have the same 
> problem.

This sounds like a bug in Firefox's click to play UI; do you know if 
it's already been reported in Bugzilla?

> 1) My preferred solution would be to allow some way that we can submit 
> a plugin to be whitelisted like flash is.  I realize that we're not as 
> big as adobe and don't have as much money; I'm afraid I can't bribe, 
> threaten, or cajole you into it, but this would be the most 
> even-handed way of doing it.
> 2) If you won't consider that, then *please* at least add some 
> discoverability to the UI when a plugin is blocked.  Consider doing it 
> the same way you show when a popup is blocked.  Also, fix the bug so 
> that if the object tag moves and/or becomes visible it will show the 
> "Activate" UI.

The UX team is actively working on some proposals for improved 
discovery, which you can read about here:

Your feedback would be especially valuable.  (Apologies if you've 
already seen or commented on these proposals.)

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