The new find bar shifting down content

Chris Hofmann chofmann at
Sat Aug 24 16:26:46 UTC 2013

On 8/24/13 7:44 AM, Gavin Sharp wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 7:55 PM, Stuart Cook <scook0 at> wrote:
>> As one of the affected Aurora users, I dutifully noted my displeasure
>> at the time. But as with most UI feedback, I expected it to
>> immediately fall into the "OMG change" black hole. So I'm pleased to
>> see the topic being discussed.
> A bit of a tangent just to clarify something: we sometimes use the
> "OMG change" term as a dismissive way to poke fun at some reactions,
> but as Robert points out, negative "OMG change" reactions are still
> negative reactions, and we need to manage those and avoid causing them
> where they can be avoided. So there should be no "OMG change black
> hole", all user feedback is important. "OMG Change" should be used to
> classify feedback (i.e. distinguishing "this is bad because of
> inherent attribute X" vs. "this is bad because it is different than
> other/previous behavior X"), not to dismiss it. Sometimes, "OMG
> change" feedback is unavoidable, in cases where we think that the
> benefits of changing something outweigh the potential for negative
> reactions, but in those cases we should still try to minimize it (e.g.
> by finding better ways to introduce the difference to users, better
> communicating the reasoning/benefits, discovering and accommodating
> interaction patterns from the old behavior, etc.).
> Gavin
> _______________________________________________

Right, and we should also try to apply the idea of asking the question and
evaluating if...   "is this change just rearranging the deck chairs?"

The cumulative effect of "rearranging the deck chairs" leaves lots of
user bewildered and confused and can be a source of losing those users.

If changes like this aren't producing big wins in user experience,
and they aren't really making at least some people feeling great about using
the product with the new feature, then we ought to consider backing
off from them, and moving on to find things that really do move the needle.


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