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Fri Aug 23 17:18:26 UTC 2013

Personally I would like if this could be configured. No security scan and do NOT flag the file as downloaded from the Internet would be my preferred settings. The Firefox security scan is slow and the downloaded from Internet prompts are annoying.

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On Aug 23, 2013, at 6:18 AM, Paolo Amadini <paolo.02.prg at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> while designing the new Downloads API, we've been thinking a lot about
> how to approach the performance issues we have on Windows that are
> related to IAttachmentExecute, that is the Windows API that handles the
> Security Zone Policy and one method of download scanning integration.
> This is a complex topic and I feel it's due time for a firefox-dev
> thread, to evaluate the trade-offs between performance and operating
> system integration, and to see if there are any requirements we're not
> aware of.
> The issues we have are related to scanning integration (some of them
> are listed at the end of this message), not specifically to the Security
> Zone Policy. Notably, we often experience complete hangs on scanning.
> However, the API that assigns a Security Zone to a downloaded file is
> the same that triggers the scan, so one problem can't be solved without
> thinking about the other.
> Our current integration code, "nsDownloadScanner.cpp", is complex and
> tied to the old Download Manager. The bugs we have on file are difficult
> to address, because they depend on third-party antivirus software and
> operating system behavior.
> So, we would like to avoid porting the scanning integration to the
> new Downloads API, in Firefox for Desktop. Metro Firefox is already
> planning not to implement scanning integration now (bug 801094).
> Our motivating assumption is that the on-access scan that all modern
> antivirus software already does continues to guarantee security. We have
> probably already solved hangs with on-access scan (like bug 444467) by
> moving file handling off the main thread.
> The issue with that is that we would not be able to assign a Security
> Zone to the file based on the operating system policies. We could still
> use the OS.File API to assign the Internet zone to all downloaded
> files, without blocking the main thread. This would instruct the
> operating system to show a prompt before opening downloaded executables.
> The Application Reputation API (bug 662819) would still provide
> blacklisting of untrusted sites, while the trusted sites whitelist
> and the Intranet zone would not be applied to downloaded files.
> The other alternative we see is to reimplement the scanning integration
> code, with significant more development effort and with a higher chance
> of keeping the same performance issues we had at the end of downloads.
> Cheers,
> Paolo
> List of some of the scanning issues, found with a very quick search:
> "Whole browser should not hang while download file is built/scanned"
> "Sometimes after the download completes it scans for viruses and it
> doesn't stop ever"
> "Download manager never finishes 'Scanning for viruses...'"
> "Downloaded file disappears after scanning for viruses"
> These are 7 more bugs, marked as dependencies of 443215.
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