The new find bar shifting down content

Asa Dotzler asa at
Fri Aug 23 16:48:50 UTC 2013

I'm excited to see the Find bar enhancements coming along -- especially 
the word counting and highlighting previews I've seen.  However, I'm not 
sure that moving the Find bar to the top is worth as much time and 
attention as this feature is taking.

I'm not sure  what's driving the move of the Find bar to the top of the 
page other than it being one of the many Find in page paper cuts.  I'm 
not saying it's a bad idea, but it's not a priority feature, IMO  -- 
certainly not enough  of a priority to ship in an incomplete state 
risking user attrition.

IMO, the most valuable reason to move the bar is consistency with all of 
the other modern browsers.  While I think we could make a solid case 
that a bar at the top is a better experience, content shifting is not an 
acceptable trade-off.

Can we move our focus to the other potential wins like better 
highlighting and word counting and put together a new plan for moving 
the Find bar to the top that has as it's first requirement to not shift 

- A

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