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Wed Aug 21 15:22:17 UTC 2013

I think that this would help on the "principle of least surprise" basis, since the transient nature of quick find variants means that the overlay

I'd actually argue, if we're doing clean redesign work, that quick find should be transient a la quicksilver, and have no persistent UI (and maybe not even a focusable UI).  That's a big separation, and a non-zero amount of work.  The a11y aspects of FAYT shouldn't be discounted, but I'm not sure we've done much in the way of design other than bolting the bag on the side of find bar.

-- Mike

On 2013-08-20, at 4:10 PM, Mike de Boer <mdeboer at> wrote:

> My two cents on top of Mike's question is; while working on the findbar features, I found myself calling names at quick find after a while. Why? Well, because it is now, perhaps more then before, obvious that it is and should not share so much with the full-blown findbar, but instead be viewed upon as an entirely different feature.
> Thinking about quick find this way, displaying a statically positioned partial (not full-width) quickfind-bar seems to coincide well with the sense of haste, efficiency that it's meant to offer. Let's pull it out of the find bar. It deserves it's own chrome.
> Have fun, Mike.
> On Aug 20, 2013, at 9:53 PM, Mike Connor <mconnor at> wrote:
>> This raises the question of whether quickfind (both variants) were considered as part of the design process.  Can someone from UX comment on this?
>> -- Mike
>> On 2013-08-20 3:19 PM, Gijs Kruitbosch wrote:
>>> I imagine this is quickfind, activated by hitting '/' when focused in the page content. That autohides after $SOME_INTERVAL.
>>> ~ Gijs
>>> On 20/08/13 21:14 , Stephen Horlander wrote:
>>>>> It's just super-jarring to have text I'm reading suddenly move at a random (from my point of view) point in time.
>>>> I would be interested to know why people are having it move seemingly at random?
>>>> The find bar only shows or hides itself based on an explicit action. Hitting Ctrl+F or Esc and then observing a corresponding action doesn't seem like a surprising thing to me.
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