Downloads API, fifth update

Paolo Amadini paolo.02.prg at
Tue Aug 20 16:49:55 UTC 2013

The Downloads API is almost enabled in Nightly! We're dealing with a
"surprise orange" (an automated test that succeeded on the fx-team
branch but failed when ported to mozilla-central), but we should be
able to solve this and enable the Downloads API very soon.


Since this a substantially different back-end, handled by a different
code base, please be on the lookout for improvements! Also, if you
happen to notice a regression while you're there, please file a new bug
blocking bug 825588.

*Remaining work*

While we're very happy to have Nightly testing on the feature at last,
there is still more work to do before we're ready for final release.
All the platform-specific features (taskbar notifications, scanning,
adding to the recent documents list) are still to be implemented.

You can see a list in our newly created feature page:

We'll triage and add reported bugs to the list if we think they're
blocking release. When we're confident that the feature is ready, we
will remove the legacy front-end code and remove the preference that
allows nsIDownloadManager to be used in Firefox for Desktop.


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