Improving our Get Involved page

Gavin Sharp gavin at
Mon Aug 19 18:12:03 UTC 2013

has been around for a while, but has fallen a bit out of date and isn't
quite as polished as I would like.

I think it's pretty important that we have a good "gateway" into
contributing to Firefox development, and I think that page could serve that
purpose. It should be fairly high-level, I think - linking to other
existing resources, and providing context about how and why they are useful
to Firefox developers.

The mobile team has a page that I think is better than ours:

Who's interested in helping improve our page? We could start by shamelessly
ripping off a lot of the Mobile team's work, but I'm also interested in
ideas for improving the page further, and discussion about who the target
audience should be, how we can improve the contributor "funnel", etc.

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