Breaking url-bar search

William Pietri william at
Mon Aug 19 16:14:02 UTC 2013

On 08/19/2013 09:05 AM, Tyler Downer wrote:
>> Ok. That back-of-the-envelope calculation was my way of trying to 
>> reconcile your theory that there are only thousands of users affected 
>> with the fact that within a couple of weeks 760 people have found and 
>> installed this extension. That seems an impossibly large uptake rate 
>> to me given the number of steps involved and typical user behaviors. 
>> How would you reconcile the two facts?
> Honestly that's a pretty low number, seeing that 1 of them is me ;) 
> (and likely most users are Mozilla employees, Community members, and 
> then users from the SUMO Threads where we regularly promote this 
> add-on), so no, 700-800 users for an add-on is pretty small.

Hi, Tyler. Sorry I'm not being clear.

I'm not saying that 760 users for an add-on is large or small. I have no 
idea. I'm saying that an uptake rate of 760 in 13 days from a total 
population of "thousands" seems impossibly high to me. (I also gave a 
numerical model to make clear why I think that.)

My explanation for this is that the total population of potential users 
is much larger than thousands, which suggests the impact of this change 
was substantially undersestimated.


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