Removal of "Enable JavaScript" and "Load images automatically" in Firefox 23

Gavin Sharp gavin at
Fri Aug 16 18:39:10 UTC 2013

I'm well aware of what the checkboxes do, and what they looked like.

No one said users are idiots; it's just important to know that they
often have things to worry about beyond taking the time to understand
your software's UI in great depth.

I don't think further discussion on this topic is likely to be
fruitful. I think your position is quite well understood, and we just
fundamentally disagree.


On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 10:15 AM, C B <cb736 at> wrote:
> Hi
> Actually, all that the article checkboxes-kill does is identify some poorly written websites that are not very well written for user accessibility. I am not sure that Gavin is even aware of what the checkbox to not load images and javascript even look like. "people can end up checking it accidentally, which makes their browser be not useful". No, the check boxes are checked by default, which loads images, and allows javascript. They have to be unchecked to prevent images from loading and from allowing javascript. Perhaps that was just a case of not being careful with language, as was the choice to remove the options not being careful to respect users needs.
> We do not uncheck the box to load images to make the browser unuseful, we uncheck it to do something useful for us, such as see what the alt tags are for the image, and to see what the website looks like for someone who does not have a browser that supports images, or is blind.
> Yahoo has recently changed their e-mail UI to make it look more like gmail, and it has rendered it unusable to me unless I turn off javascript, which I did to send this e-mail. When you turn off javascript (you can try this for yourself with FF22 for example), it gives you a link to click on to be able to access a non-javascript website, which is what every developer should do who engages in stupid web tricks that use javascript.
> I thoroughly agree with the comments that users are not idiots. If they do uncheck everything and want to repair everything, the standard procedure is to simply reload the browser, which will restore image loading and javascript.
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> Christopher Booth
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> On Thu, 8/15/13, Gavin Sharp <gavin at> wrote:
>  Subject: Re: Removal of "Enable JavaScript" and "Load images automatically" in Firefox 23
>  To: "Dão Gottwald" <dao at>
>  Cc: "Firefox Dev" <firefox-dev at>
>  Date: Thursday, August 15, 2013, 4:36 PM
>  On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 2:12 AM, Dão
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>  wrote:
>  > It's based on pretty simple ideas we should be able to
>  agree upon:
>  > - some users have to deal with connections that are
>  limited enough that our
>  > default behavior is barely workable
>  I don't think this use case is common enough, and I don't
>  think our
>  checkboxes are useful/discoverable enough to address it
>  properly.
>  There are plenty of other edge use cases we could enumerate
>  that we
>  don't currently address, and whose cases would be similar to
>  the one
>  you make here. The only difference here is that this
>  represents a
>  removal rather than a proposed addition. There should be a
>  higher
>  burden for removing something than for not adding it, given
>  the user
>  impact, but we can't have that burden be so high that we can
>  never
>  remove things.
>  > That's not how I read nor
>  >
>  I'm telling you my reasoning for supporting the change,
>  which might be
>  different than people's reasons for suggesting it.
>  Gavin
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