Re: Removal of "Enable JavaScript" and "Load images automatically" in Firefox 23‏

Gavin Sharp gavin at
Thu Aug 15 16:31:40 UTC 2013

Hi Michael,

The main answer to "why not just relegate it" is that one of our goals
is for our preference pane to be as simple and useful as possible, and
having multiple layers of "advanced prefs" goes against that. If we've
deemed the option "not useful enough to expose", which is the case for
these preferences, then keeping them but putting them in an even
harder to discover place means that they continue to complicate the
preferences UI, but are useful to even fewer users.

Design tradeoffs are hard, because they always have some amount of
subjectivity, and _always_ end up pissing at least some people off.


On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 4:04 PM, Michael Fielder <mz_mhs-ctb at> wrote:
> Why don't we just put them back but relegate them to say, an "advanced
> content options" button? The JS advanced options could stay too. If they
> have it disabled, then maybe put down a notification on startup asking if
> they want to reenable it? Just my 2 cents.
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