Breaking url-bar search

William Pietri william at
Thu Aug 15 14:31:47 UTC 2013

Hi! I'm writing in regard to this bug:

I spent the last day or so swearing because suddenly every attempt I 
made to Google something was giving me a useless Wikipedia search. In 
the middle of trying to repair a downed server, this was deeply 
frustrating. Now that I had some time to look, it took me a fair bit of 
searching this morning to discover that this was an intentional change.

I have some concerns about how this happened, but first I'm wondering: 
on what sort of data was the decision made? In the bug discussions, I 
see my use case dismissed as "not a real-world concern", but I'm not 
seeing any reference to actual usage numbers. And there's a reference to 
data about hijacking. What data was there about use of this feature?



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