Removal of "Enable JavaScript" and "Load images automatically" in Firefox 23

Dão Gottwald dao at
Thu Aug 15 09:12:51 UTC 2013

On 14.08.2013 19:28, Gavin Sharp wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 9:12 AM, Dão Gottwald <dao at> wrote:
>> This is helpful for users who regularly surf like this, although (1) I'm not
>> convinced these users should have to resort to an add-on and (2) it seems
>> somewhat schizophrenic to promote this add-on when it still "breaks Google"
>> (the reason why we removed the checkbox, as far as I remember).
> 1) is a pretty subjective argument, so I'm not sure we can
> conclusively reach agreement.

It's based on pretty simple ideas we should be able to agree upon:

- some users have to deal with connections that are limited enough that 
our default behavior is barely workable

- enabling users to surf the web is a web browser's central objective

> Re: 2), "It breaks Google" was not the
> reason to remove the checkbox - it was just an example of how the
> effects of the preference are not useful to the vast majority of
> people browsing the Web. The reason we removed the checkbox was that
> the preference was deemed not useful enough to merit a spot in the
> preference pane.

That's not how I read nor

>> For users who unexpectedly have to deal with a borderline-unusably-slow
>> connection on the road (fwiw, this actually happened to me a few years ago
>> in an airport and my solution was to disable images), searching the internet
>> for an add-on is exactly what you don't want to do in such a situation.
> If we care to address this use case - I'm not sure that we do  -

Why not?


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