Mixed Content discoverability proposal

Larissa Co lco at mozilla.com
Tue Aug 13 01:21:47 UTC 2013

On 8/7/13 2:00 PM, Tanvi Vyas wrote:
> We may be able to create a heuristic based on number of page visits or 
> reloads, but this may be difficult to implement.  Again, I would avoid 
> doing this unless it becomes clear we need to.  I would start off with 
> number 1) above and maybe that will be enough.  If not, we can special 
> case CSS and XHR with an animating doorhanger that disappears after a 
> few seconds.  And if that is still not enough, start looking at other 
> heuristics.
Not sure if just a little "flash" animation is good enough to catch 
someone's attention, honestly. But I'm willing to try the simplest 
solution first. I've asked Darrin to prototype a couple of animations 
that we might be able to hook up and try :) I know Jaws might have 
played around with "shine" effects during a work week?

Let's try playing with some prototypes before I file a real bug. I'll 
keep people posted on what we come up with.


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