Design Patterns proposal for Permissions UI

Larissa Co lco at
Tue Aug 13 01:15:35 UTC 2013

On 8/7/13 10:58 AM, Monica Chew wrote:
> We actually have 4 ways of blocking content: mixed content blocker, click to play, safebrowsing (which blocks included content silently, see, and cookie permissions (which is not content-blocking per se but can affect rendering and behavior of web pages).
> I would love to see all of these cases covered by the design patterns proposal. Do you think these are all in scope?
(Assuming people like the proposal and want to build it into Firefox:) 
My intent is for developers/designers to be able to take our 
documentation on design patterns and choose the combination of 
permissions notifications that makes sense for their feature. I expect 
that in the beginning, we'll have to do some UI reviews to make sure 
that people are using the patterns well (and not just choosing the most 
annoying one to bug users every time).

Thus, while I included the Mixed Content blocker and Click-to-Play as 
sample use cases for the design patterns, I won't necessarily propose 
something for Safebrowsing and Cookie Permissions since they aren't my 
projects. I think it would be great if you or someone else could try to 
apply the proposal to those cases though.

That being said, maybe those cases *might not even be candidates* for 
these design pattern; I think they might be cases in which we don't 
really want to ask the user's permission upfront. (But then again, I 
don't know enough to provide a definitive answer.) It does provide a 
useful question: when is this set of Permissions design patterns 


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