The new and improved findbar… and the future?

Tanvi Vyas tanvi at
Mon Aug 12 19:37:14 UTC 2013

Thank you so much for working on this feature!  I've been waiting for 
the find bar to count the number of matches on a page for a very long 
time!  I know I'm probably the minority, but I've found myself switching 
to other browsers (Safari/Chrome) just to perform this task on a 
particular page and then switching back.

I also like the idea of automatic highlighting and differentiating the 
currently selected match from the rest.  Why would this be OSX specific; 
why not extend to all platforms?

Thanks again!


On 8/12/13 7:19 AM, Mike de Boer wrote:
> Hi all,
> Of course, Australis is all the buzz at the moment, but we're also looking at many other areas to ready Firefox for the future!
> One of these areas is the findbar component. Dão Gottwald, Markus Stange and yours truly have been hard at work to bring an updated design, move to the top of the page and other (possible) improvements for the (near) future. Much of this work was done during our spare time.
> I'd like to share this short (~5mins) screencast with you that shows what we've been up to lately. Please note that the animations that I try to demonstrate might not be clear due to compression, which drops frames.
> During this screencast I highlight a possible future addition to the findbar: flashy highlighting on a dimmed page[1]. This is a feature that you might have seen already in Safari and various other Mac apps.
> My question to you, dear reader, is: what do you think of this feature and if you like it, would you like to see it on platforms other than OSX?
> Thanks,
> Mike.
> [1] For lack of a better name - also, awesome album by Deadmau5 (
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