Fixing keyword.URL removal

Tim Van den Eynde tim_vdeynde at
Sat Aug 10 23:29:53 UTC 2013

Sorry for my late reply. I have been away and needed time afterwards to 
choose the right words to convince you, of course ;)

- People who don't (know how to) switch search engines (because they 
didn't find the dropdown), will still suffer from hacked search engines. 
Those who do, will surely have seen the "Manage search engines" item 
there. It'll be visible in any case when they try to switch the engine 
back, because they can't do that without finding the dropdown (except 
via keyboard shortcuts, but I guess those aren't the people that had 
issues :) ). Imo, the icon there is visually only tied to the search box 
itself, and I would be more tempted to click "Manage search engines" 
than changing the engine there, thinking it would only affect the search 
bar itself.

- If this option is located in "Manage search engines", a link could be 
placed easier in other, more logical places in the UI, for example 
adding an option "Change location bar search engine" when right clicking 
the awesome bar.

I also don't think users should be underestimated like that. I 
understand that having an about:config pref was a little too hard to 
find for most average people. Having a visual preference like my 
suggestion (and making it easy to find) would solve this for almost 
everyone. It's also easier to help people than it was before, because 
screenshots can be used.

To end with, I can't stress enough how awkward it is to not having a 
static search engine in the location bar. Even though the reason for 
doing this is valid, having such non-predictable behaviour is imo a 
serious bug.

P.S. This is the first time I *reply* to a mail, I have actually no idea 
if I'm doing this right, sorry if I'm not :)


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