Removal of "Enable JavaScript" and "Load images automatically" in Firefox 23

Dão Gottwald dao at
Fri Aug 9 08:33:36 UTC 2013

On 08.08.2013 22:46, Gavin Sharp wrote:
> It's great that you've been able to make use of NoScript and live
> without JavaScript on the web, but I don't think your experience is
> reflective of our user base in general.

I think you're overusing this argument a bit. Users' experiences don't 
need to be reflective of the general user base to be worth supporting -- 
at least not at Mozilla. For instance, accessibility is one of Mozilla's 
key values even though lacking accessibility usually only affects 

It didn't and still doesn't make sense to me that we acknowledged that 
there's a real and sensible use case for disabling images (slow 
connections, data plans etc.), which may be essential to how some people 
access the internet, but that this use case would be better supported by 
a dedicated bandwidth saving mode, and that the option to disable images 
could therefore go away -- without the hypothetical replacement being 


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