AddonRepository now using JSON

Jared Wein jwein at
Thu Aug 8 19:37:12 UTC 2013

Congratulations! This is a great improvement and I know it took a great deal of work to accomplish.


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> Subject: AddonRepository now using JSON
> Hey everyone, last week we landed the first part of the AddonManager SQLite
> -> JSON rewrite, in FF 25. This first part was bug 853389 , which covered
> the AddonRepository module. What that means in practice is that the previous
> addons.sqlite storage has been replaced by addons.json in your profile
> folder.
> There was no API change and basically the existing module's behavior was
> attempted to be preserved as much as possible. However, the usage of now
> async IO can always introduce unexpected bugs, so please keep an eye for
> regressions in this cycle, specially for things related to addons
> compatibility checks (which everyone will be hitting this week as Nightly
> upgrades from 25 to 26 and as add-ons compatibility markings are updated on
> AMO).
> In the coming weeks the second part should be landing in central ( bug 853388
> ), which will complete this work by replacing extensions.sqlite with
> extensions.json, which is managed by the XPIProvider module.
> These two bugs together should improve both start-up time and jank by
> removing some expensive "commit transaction" calls. We'll be doing
> measurements about the real impact they had in the near future.
> Felipe
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