AddonRepository now using JSON

Felipe G felipc at
Thu Aug 8 19:28:55 UTC 2013

Hey everyone, last week we landed the first part of the AddonManager SQLite
-> JSON rewrite, in FF 25. This first part was bug
which covered the AddonRepository module. What that means in practice is
that the previous addons.sqlite storage has been replaced by addons.json in
your profile folder.

There was no API change and basically the existing module's behavior was
attempted to be preserved as much as possible. However, the usage of now
async IO can always introduce unexpected bugs, so please keep an eye for
regressions in this cycle, specially for things related to addons
compatibility checks  (which everyone will be hitting this week as Nightly
upgrades from 25 to 26 and as add-ons compatibility markings are updated on

In the coming weeks the second part should be landing in central (bug
which will complete this work by replacing extensions.sqlite with
extensions.json, which is managed by the XPIProvider module.

These two bugs together should improve both start-up time and jank by
removing some expensive "commit transaction" calls. We'll be doing
measurements about the real impact they had in the near future.

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