Design Patterns proposal for Permissions UI

Larissa Co lco at
Wed Aug 7 17:24:09 UTC 2013

On 8/7/13 12:56 AM, Tetsuharu OHZEKI wrote:
> Hello,
> Will this change effect to content permittion UIs (e.g. geolocation,
> indexedDB, etc) ?
Since this is a general proposal for design patterns,  it doesn't 
specify an approach for each of our current permission UIs.  I suspect 
that anything we choose to implement will apply to new permissions for 
now. I can't imagine someone wanting to do a rework of all our 
permissions ;-)

But the Mixed Content and CtP UI (which are discussed in separate 
emails) would likely be tweaked because that's what catalyzed this 

That being said, if there are cases from other permissions UIs that 
don't fit into this model, let me know, so that I can consider them. 
We'd like to get things as consistent as possible, especially as there 
are likely to be more new WebAPIs coming to the browser because of 


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