CtP discoverability issues proposal

Larissa Co lco at mozilla.com
Wed Aug 7 01:16:50 UTC 2013

Email #2: On the discoverability of Click-to-Play permissions. Let's 
narrow the scope of this thread to purely discoverability issues for 
now, please!

Here are the primary discoverability critiques (with variations thereof) 
and the proposals for addressing them. You can also see a more 
comprehensive overview on pg. 13 & 14 of 

1. The relationship between the in-content UI and the doorhanger that 
appears isn't obvious
- [already implemented] Animate the doorhanger when the user clicks the 
in-content UI
- Create a delay for clicking out of the doorhanger when it's triggered 
by the in-content UI
- perhaps add an icon to the doorhanger to make it more eye-catching

2. When plugins are invisible (no in-content UI), it's not obvious to 
the user how to enable CtP
- [already implemented by bug 888292 
<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=888292>] Use an Active or 
Urgent colored icon for the permission
- Have the icon animate in (e.g. "flash") on page load
- Have the doorhanger animate in on page load and then disappear 
automatically after a few seconds

3. The relationship between the icon and the doorhanger isn't obvious. 
The user might not realize that he can modify the permission by clicking 
on the icon.
- Make the icon Active when the doorhanger is open
- when the doorhanger is closed, animate it so that it looks like it's 
disappearing into the icon
- add the same icon to the doorhanger to reinforce the connection

4. The persistent blue plugin icon is quite obtrusive
- [already implemented by bug 888292 
<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=888292>] Only show the 
Active icon when all plugins are invisible.

Next steps: After we refine this proposal on this thread, I will file 
appropriate bugs for the fixes.

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