reminder: fx-team is the new (front-end) inbound

Marco Bonardo mbonardo at
Sat Aug 3 08:03:15 UTC 2013

On 03/08/2013 05:53, Justin Dolske wrote:
> On 8/2/13 10:43 AM, Gavin Sharp wrote:
>>  (Commenting in the bug
>> with the inbound/fx-team/b2g-inbound/etc. changeset link is common
>> practice and should avoid such conflicts in the general case.)
> Hmm. My impression was that people had largely stopped doing that for 
> inbound, especially since the merge tools started autoresolving the 
> bug upon merge. (Although I'd say that's still good practice if it's a 
> checkin-needed bug or something people are watching closely.)

The changeset link is very very useful to follow the landing story of 
each bug, we should really not stop doing that. I never saw anyone not 
posting the changeset link, fwiw, so we're in a good shape.


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