reminder: fx-team is the new (front-end) inbound

Gijs Kruitbosch gijskruitbosch at
Fri Aug 2 13:56:18 UTC 2013

And can I add something to that... We just had some sheriffs in #fx-team 
on IRC who asked for help with some conflicts in merging m-c (which had 
just had inbound merged in) to fx-team.

When doing the merge, I noticed that some people (who shall remain 
nameless to protect the guilty) had pushed to both fx-team and m-i 
within ~1 day of each other, with conflicting patches.

Not cool, people. Not cool.

~ Gijs

On 01/08/13 22:35 , Gavin Sharp wrote:
> Just a reminder to front-end application developers that fx-team has 
> been transformed into an inbound-alternate, intended for shepherding 
> front-end code into mozilla-central. The same check-in policies, 
> support from sheriffs, tree hooks, and (lack of) "watching" 
> requirements are in place, such that you should be able to switch to 
> landing things on fx-team without any other changes in your routine.
> That means that if you're working on code that could reasonably be 
> described as "on top of Gecko" (e.g. code in browser/, toolkit/, 
> mobile/, etc.), you should feel free to land things on fx-team instead 
> of on inbound. The goal is to help distribute the landing load across 
> multiple branches, to avoid too many inbound bottlenecks.
> Some additional information is available in my original post: 
> Gavin
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