reminder: content processes (e10s) are now used by desktop Firefox

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Fri Aug 2 00:38:37 UTC 2013

Could this be why I'm starting to see banner ads in some of my newtab-page snapshots, despite never seeing them in a tab? I don't appear to see this on an old nightly24 snapshot I have lying around.


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Subject: reminder: content processes (e10s) are now used by desktop Firefox

I've mentioned this at the engineering meeting, but thought it worth a note
here just to ensure everyone is aware:

Bug 870100 enabled use of the background thumbnail service in Firefox
desktop, which uses a <browser remote=true> to do thumbnailing of pages in
the background.

That means that desktop Firefox now makes use of E10S content processes.
They have a short life time (one page load) and are generally triggered by
opening about:newtab when thumbnails are missing or out of date (>2 days

This has exposed some e10s crashes that previously weren't exposed on
desktop. I've filed to
track them - please hang any other such crashes off that bug. If you're
working in a component that has e10s-related crashes, please fix them :)

(Bug 891218 is also planning to make use of content processes for some
Social-related functionality. Those remote processes will be longer-lived,
typically having the same lifetime as the parent process.)

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