reminder: fx-team is the new (front-end) inbound

Gavin Sharp gavin at
Thu Aug 1 20:35:54 UTC 2013

Just a reminder to front-end application developers that fx-team has been
transformed into an inbound-alternate, intended for shepherding front-end
code into mozilla-central. The same check-in policies, support from
sheriffs, tree hooks, and (lack of) "watching" requirements are in place,
such that you should be able to switch to landing things on fx-team without
any other changes in your routine.

That means that if you're working on code that could reasonably be
described as "on top of Gecko" (e.g. code in browser/, toolkit/, mobile/,
etc.), you should feel free to land things on fx-team instead of on
inbound. The goal is to help distribute the landing load across multiple
branches, to avoid too many inbound bottlenecks.

Some additional information is available in my original post:

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