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Hi all -  

I'm new to this particular issue, but I think there's some nuance here about the differences.

For the Bookmarks or History Sidebars, they are secondary or tertiary UI for those purposes. In other words, people already have other more-likely-used ways to get at their bookmarks and history. Having a dedicated button to open them seems like overkill, given that we're providing logically-placed menu items to do it.  

In the case of add-ons -- it seems like a sidebar or toolbar, if one is added, is meant to be the primary way to use it, making it more important. It's also, given that the user has gone to the trouble of installing a given add-on (not always the case, I know, but…) likely to be important enough to the user that we can make the case for placing a button.

I think history also tells us that add-ons will tend to show as much of their UI as possible by default, so giving users a prominent way to choose whether to show all of it seems worthwhile.

Please tell me why I'm wrong here. All of this said -- I don't see a huge downside to including (but not showing by default) buttons for showing some of these built-in UI pieces in Firefox's customization pane. Also, it may give flexibility to add-ons authors to put options to show/hide sidebars and toolbars in an existing menu, or one created by the add-on -- it's just that there won't always be a menu that is a sensible location for items to do with all add-ons.


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On Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 12:13 PM, Dave Townsend wrote:

> You're missing context here. For the add-on SDK we've developed toolbar and sidebar APIs so add-ons can easily create these things. UX have instructed us that when an add-on adds a sidebar or toolbar we must add a button to the navigation bar to toggle it on and off. So it is surprising that we don't have the same requirement on them for the rest of Firefox.
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> > > Open the bookmarks widget menu, go to Bookmarks Toolbar submenu,
> > > toggle!
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> > The bookmark toolbar toggle is also still in the toolbar context menu.
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