Australis Toolbar and Sidebar Buttons

Marco Bonardo mbonardo at
Thu Aug 1 08:42:17 UTC 2013

On 31/07/2013 19:58, Erik Vold wrote:
> Hello,
> I asked Shorlander while he was at the Vancouver office if the 
> Australis branch would have buttons associated to the Bookmarks and 
> History sidebars, so that we were not making a requirement for add-ons 
> developers using Jetpack UI components which Firefox itself did not 
> have.  He confirmed that was the case, but I haven't seen this change 
> yet, is there a bug for this that I am missing?  Also will the same be 
> true for Toolbars? and where is the bug for this?

While I know there are bugs for them, I don't understand this request. I 
think those buttons are used by a really tiny fraction of our users (we 
can verify that with specific telemetry), making an add-on to add them 
is probably matter of spending 1 hour of work.
Moreover the bookmarks sidebar can be shown through the bookmarks menu 
opened from the widget. Adding an history sidebar toggle to the History 
button subview could also be done easily.

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