Australis Toolbar and Sidebar Buttons

Erik Vold evold at
Thu Aug 1 01:33:59 UTC 2013

How about for toolbars?  I don't see a toggle button for the bookmarks toolbar nor do I see a bug for this.

If this were implemented then I don't want to reinvent the wheel for the Jetpack toolbar ui component, and if it is not a requirement for Firefox toolbars then I don't see why it should be for Jetpack toolbars.


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The history sidebar button bug is but it's marked M- meaning it won't block Australis from shipping.


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> Hello,
> I asked Shorlander while he was at the Vancouver office if the Australis
> branch would have buttons associated to the Bookmarks and History
> sidebars, so that we were not making a requirement for add-ons
> developers using Jetpack UI components which Firefox itself did not
> have.  He confirmed that was the case, but I haven't seen this change
> yet, is there a bug for this that I am missing?  Also will the same be
> true for Toolbars? and where is the bug for this?
> Thanks,
> Erik

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