Enabling the 'new-profile' ping

Alessio Placitelli aplacitelli at mozilla.com
Mon May 22 15:15:43 UTC 2017

Hi everyone!

We're planning to enable the submission of the '*new-profile*' ping (docs
within the next couple of days. See bug 1364068 for details.

*Why is it so interesting?*This ping will be sent after 30 minutes from a
profile creation, to give user enough time to turn Telemetry off, or at the
browser shutdown, whatever happens first.

This will allow us to gain insights on the *bot-profiles *and, in general,
profiles that are only used once.

*How will the data be available?*
Once pings start coming in, we will make them available in a separate
dataset (bug 1360256).

*Potential impact & mitigation*
We will be keeping an eye on the incoming *new-profile* pings and expect no
problem from the data coming from Nightly.

However, we might have an high number of bot machines that use Beta and
Release Firefox which, in turn, might trigger *a lot* of 'new-profile'
pings, hence we will be closely monitoring the situation.

And, if everything fails, *as did Cylons*, we have a plan.

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