A Crash Trend Dashboard (wrt to crashes and clients)

Saptarshi Guha sguha at mozilla.com
Tue Feb 28 19:23:32 UTC 2017

Happy to present the crashgraphs dashboard. A high level dashboard that

- average profile crash rate (average across profiles crash rates)
- % of profiles crashing in the last week
- time between crashes for profiles that have another crash in their history
 (history is lifetime!)
- hours and days between crashes (for profiles with 2+ crashes). Lower is

We capture two things i've been looking for

- a profile level view of crash (% of profiles experiencing a crash)
- a software engineering level view of crash (hours used across crashes)

This is high level so not as detailed as arwwestableyet.

Many thanks to Andre Duarte and Connor Ameres for working and designing

Your comments welcome!




Also since we use main_summary, we cannot eliminate shutdown crashes. That
would be a nice metric to include in main_summary itself.

That said, on average  shutdown crashes is a fairly constant fraction of
total content crashes [1] (the latter measured in main_summary). That is on
average. For a given profile with 5 content crashes(as per main_summary),
it's tough to say how many are shutdown crashes

[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jzcEPI4NLlar102kS1WBv1cgnxDUL
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