Missing addons data on 43

Alessio Placitelli aplacitelli at mozilla.com
Fri Dec 18 18:14:10 UTC 2015

Bug 1211404 broke addons data collection for apparently ~14% of release 
Bug 1233438 is fixing this, we want to get this to 44 beta aggressively 
after QA verification.

*Happens when:*

  * Addon& theme.description is undefined.

  * Plugins& GMPluginsdon't seem to be affected

*How does this affect our data:***
We end up with an empty "addons" section in the ping "environment".
I.e.reporting no "activeAddons", "theme", "activePlugins", 
"activeGMPlugins", "activeExperiment" and "persona".

*What scale is this issue:***
 From a first look at a smaller data sample (10% of 3 day's  worth of FF 
42 Release data,**https://gist.github.com/Dexterp37/027d18b7e821e5b295a7):

  * The most popular addon this happens with is an old & broken McAfee

  * Most of the other addons with no description seem to bemalware

  * 14% of thepings &clients are affected

Manually crafting an addon with no description does not trigger this 
issue, so this seems tobelimited to malware or other cases.
A verification of this on a bigger set of users is coming up.

*What versions are affected:*

  * Firefox 43 since Beta43.0b2

  * Firefox >=44

  * Nightlies>= 20151008

It is surprising that this didn't show up in any analysis so far.

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