Can DOM methods be native Function objects?

Cameron McCormack cam at
Sun Oct 10 23:13:18 PDT 2010

Mark S. Miller:
> > It is really a terrible shame this is all so confusing. Part of the problem
> > is terminology wrongly suggesting other meanings. "host" simply means
> > "non-native".

Garrett Smith:
> How do you figure? I'm looking at the definition for host object (s
> 4.3.8) and it doesn't say anything about how a host object is not
> native.

Indeed, it only says that those objects that *aren’t* native are host
objects, in the NOTE:

> NOTE Any object that is not native is a host object.

Is there anything else in the spec that requires objects to be native
objects or host objects but not both?  If not, and if this (Mark’s)
interpretation is meant to be the correct one, then I’d suggest that
note be changed in an erratum to say this explicitly.

Cameron McCormack ≝

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