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Yes, but "use  strict" (two spaces) is a far more likely scenario than any contrived set of alternating and possibly broken comments used within an intended use strict directive.

Give me an exact specification of what you want to recognize and we can put it into the spec. if we can get consensus on it.

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>> By "use strict" I assume you mean exactly one U+0020 after the "e".
>> Is so, it seems like this creates an even a greater hazard for a user
>> typo resulting in a use strict directive not being recognized. All it
>> takes is an extra space before use or between the words and it would
>> just be a string literal and not a use strict directive.
>This complaint is scalable to any conceivable strategy.  For example, as
>specified, "/*this*/ use/*s*/   strict/* semantic rules*/" is a
>directive, whereas "/*this*/ use/*s*   strict/* semantic rules*/" is
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