Initial ES5 conformance test suite now on Codeplex

Christian Plesner Hansen christian.plesner.hansen at
Tue Jun 30 01:46:17 PDT 2009

> This is just a start at a complete ES5 conformance suite.  The currently
> available tests primarily focus on new or changed features of ES5 and in
> some of these areas the coverage is still spotty. In addition most of the
> features that carry forward unchanged from ES3 don’t yet have any tests.  To
> fill this out into a full coverage conformance suite is going to take a
> community effort, so please participate.  Just let me know if you want to
> join the effort.

Speaking of ES3...

Yesterday Google launched the Sputnik test suite, a comprehensive set
of over 5000 tests that cover ES3.  The announcement is here,,
and the project is here:

We've already begun coordinating these two projects and I'd like to
echo Allen's sentiment that producing conformance tests should be a
community effort.

-- Christian

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