Last call for consensus on format-control char. issues

Allen Wirfs-Brock Allen.Wirfs-Brock at
Wed Jun 17 13:11:51 PDT 2009

David-Sarah, in his proposal also removed <ZWSP> from Whitespace where it occurs in the current draft.  It is still there in my "simple" proposal. Does anybody else going to argue that <ZWSP> should or should not be treated as whitespace?


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>Allen Wirfs-Brock scripsit:
>> My sense from the F2F is that the consensus was more in the direction
>> of my simple solution above (<ZWNJ> and <ZWJ> in identifiers, <BOM>
>> is whitespace) rather than David-Sarah's more comprehensive treatment
>> of <BOM>.
>The two solutions are consistent on the subject of ZWJ and ZWNJ.  I am
>concerned about treating BOM as whitespace, primarily because it's not,
>well, rendered with white space.  Treating BOM as whitespace means that
>"foo<BOM>bar" is the same as "foo bar" and distinct from "foobar",
>although it looks exactly like "foobar", and similarly with
>David-Sarah proposes treating BOM in an identifier, string literal,
>or other token as an error, since the intent is unclear (non-initial
>BOMs shouldn't appear in properly formatted text any more, now that the
>"zero-width separator" semantics has been taken over by U+2060 WORD
>JOINER), and ignoring all other instances of BOM.  That seems like TRT
>to me.
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